In a time where physical limitations aren’t as relevant as previous. With computers and the internet bridging physical boundaries. I find our need to copy what already exists in a physical space to a non-physical area. This process of going back and reproducing whats already known seems to be something relatively automatic and important to us.
Perhaps to enable us to use these new environments?
Perhaps to enable us to share our experience of them?
Perhaps by using whats already known?

Repeating it over and over again. Realizing the need for the same limitations as previously. Slightly and slowly changing on the way. Perhaps in a visible and traceable path? something that is for us possible to detect and to follow? I find the pattern this produces intressting. How repetition plays out. How going back and fort makes changes that end upp beeing the same as in the begginning but slightly different. duplicating, retracing, reinventing, layering, merging, starting over and somewhat changing. Perhaps similar to everything else already around us? pherhaps its simply how I understand and function in relation to seemingly new experiences?

My art practice lays in-between working in the physical and the digital space. In-between the real and the physical. My part and place in this. The possibilities and the limitations that I can find in staying in between these simmilar and unsimilar areas .